Services and Solutions


Data Center

We are handling the entire migration process.

We analyze the infrastructure, we analyze our clients’ needs and demands. We take into consideration system environments, we analyze the data, the migration demands and the performance demands.

We help you with the design of the data center migration system.

We ensure the operation.

We have your back through disaster tolerance backup.


We make sure that your software runs smoothly and doesn’t affect in any way your productivity. We remove faults and we take care of all necessary upgrades.

We are cautious so we perform preventive maintenance in order to minimize all risks.

We are working with a great team of technical specialists who will offer you the support you need in all situations

Because security means being upgraded to the latest technologies we are also handling software configuration optimization.

Your data is precious so you want to prevent any incident that can harm your company. We have your back through data backup and recovery service.


We can guarantee the functionality of all hardware systems

All technicians at Agora are experienced professionals specialized in all the fields that helps a business’ infrastructure. This is why we can also guarantee the functionality of all hardware systems: